Who We Are

We are the founders of Pet Airways.

With Zoe our Jack Russell terrier as part of our family, planning vacations was always a little more complicated. Visiting out-of-state friends or relatives required sophisticated logistics. Weekend getaways always had to be close to home.

Zoe was part of our family and so putting her in the cargo hold of an airplane was simply not an option. There’s one thing Zoe was certainly not, and that’s cargo. After being frustrated time and time again we launched Pet Airways.

You see, on Pet Airways, your pets aren’t packages, they’re Pawsengers. “And every step of the journey, we’ll take care of them as if they were our own.”

Bone voyage!

Dan and Alysa

Your pet is handled by pet professionals, not baggage handlers.

Our Pet Attendants are mostly Veterinary Technicians or have vast experience handling pets in a professional capacity. They have years of education and experience with different types of pets, and all are, of course, pet-lovers.

Did You Know?

Our dedicated staff diligently oversee the safety of your pet throughout the entire journey. We guarantee that your beloved furry friend will have access to plenty of fresh air, refreshments, and regular bathroom breaks. You can be confident that your pet is receiving exceptional care, allowing you to have peace of mind.