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Main Cabin Features:


Avoid the dangerous extreme hot and cold temperatures of traditional airplane cargo holds.

Our main cabin temperature is kept between 60-70 degrees for our pawsenger’s comfort.


Extreme darkness in human airline cargo holds causes  pet anxiety and stress.

Our cabins are fully lit so our pawsengers can see what’s going on, and our Pet Attendant can check on them at all times during the flight.


In the cargo hold, pets can experience tremendouse stress. When pets are under stress, they need to breathe lots of cool fresh air. The air in a cargo hold is not always cool and fresh.

We make sure that our main cabin has lots of cool fresh air. It’s the same air that our Pilot and Pet attendant breath.

On-Board Pet

During the flight, when it is safe for our Pet Attendant to get up, our Pet Attendant walks up and down the aisle checking on every pawsenger to make sure they are comfortable and safe.

On Pet Airways, your pet enjoys a
proven safe, comfortable, and
stress-free flight experience.

Your pet’s safety is monitored throughout the trip by our on-board Pet Attendant. We make sure your pet has plenty of fresh cool air, refreshments along the way, and of course potty breaks. You get the peace of mind that your pet is in good hands.

3 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Fly Your Pet in Cargo Hold:

Very Hot Temperatures, Very Cold Temperatures

Your pet can experience life-threatening temperature extremes. The temperature in the cargo hold can reach up to 140 degrees on the ground before takeoff causing heat prostration. In the air, the temperature can easily be below freezing.

Not Very Much Fresh Air

In an unknown stressful environment, your pet breathes faster to counter the stress.. There is very little fresh air circulating in the cargo hold for your pet which just adds to their stress.

Complete Darkness

In the cargo hold, your pet is in complete darkness with lots of strange, unfamiliar and loud noises. In the complete darkness your pet will be scared. Not knowing or seeing what is going will just add more stress for them.



“Thanks Pet Airways. Can’t say enough about your personal service and true concern for our beloved puppies. I have shipped many pups to families and you guys are by far the best!! My Australian Labradoodles are in good hands.”


“We just had to transport another rescue Bernese Mountain Dog on United cargo (with us on the plane, him under it) and it was an AWFUL experience. Please come back soon and many thanks!”


“Thank you to all who are caring for our pets from Chicago to LA, My little Lola will be going to now live with her Mom and Dad in California. She is looking forward to the warm weather. It was hard to let her go but knowing she is safe and going home is going to make it all better. Praising God and Pet Airways, Lola made it to Cali safe and sound! Thanks to you all!”




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Please note: we do not fly internationally, only in the continental U.S.