Pets Need a Safe Way to Fly!

Help us bring back our main cabin,
pet-only service.

Join our crowdfunding campaign and support the Pet Airways come-back!

Why Should I Donate Today?

By donating to our crowdfunding campaign, you will:

  • Support the  re-emergence of Pet Airways
  • Provide seats on our planes for kill-shelter pets that need to be saved and flown to safety

Thousands of pets die in shelters because they are in the wrong city where nobody wants them. Your donation can change that. It takes approximately $300 to relocate a shelter-pet. The more we raise, the more pets we can save together!

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What if I'd Like to Own a Part of Pet Airways?

This is absolutely possible! You can join the Pet Airways family today as a shareholder. As part owner of the company, you'll be providing pet owners with an alternative to flying their pets in the cargo holds of human airlines. Our pawsengers fly safely and comfortably in the main cabin of our aircraft always under the watchful eyes  of our On-Board Pet Attendants. Click on "Buy Shares" below  to go to our  page.

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The Pet Airways Mission

  • To provide family pets with a safe, comfortable, main cabin air-travel experience. 
  • To do our part for rescue-pets by providing flights for shelter-pets to cities where they are likely to find their loving, forever homes.


"In 2009,  I saw this picture online. Within seconds, I knew little Wolfie would be mine.  But he was in California and I was in New Jersey.  About 2 weeks prior, I had read about Pet Airways. Thank goodness for your service! After a harrowing experience actually getting him to the airport, he finally made his way across the country. Michelle at the Pet Airways terminal was wonderful.

Today, over 8 years later, I’m still in love. He's sleeping at my feet right now." - DEB DOVER