Pet Rescue

                                               "The righteous care for the needs of their animals", Proverb 12:10


At Pet Airways, we are committed to the well-being of all our animals, especially those pets languishing in shelters and in need of a loving family.


The Pet Airways Shelter-Pet Relocation Program

Thousands and thousands of Shelter-Pets are in the wrong city to get adopted. For example, people in New York may like small pets, while those in Texas like larger pets. If you’re a Chihuahua in Los Angeles, you have a better chance for a quick adoption in New York.

The Program provides flights for Shelter-Pets that need to get to the right city to find their new home.

With funds from our Crowdfunding Campaign*, we provide these pets with a flight to a city where they have a better chance of being adopted. A quick adoption means a better life sooner for that pet.


Long Distance Adoption Flight Discounts

If you find a pet at a distant shelter using a site such as or, Pet Airways will help bring that pet to you. We will help coordinate the logistics through our Rescue Desk and we’ll even give you a substantial discount on the flight. Pet Airways wants to help facilitate the move of rescue-pets to good Forever Homes and distance should not be a factor.





*The Pet Airways Shelter-Pet Relocation Program is not a 501c organization.