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Please note: we do not fly internationally, only in the continental U.S.

Why Choose Pet Airways?

It’s all about the safety and comfort of your pet.

Your pet is checked in at our pet-friendly lounge.

We provide you a pet’s carrier. You don’t have to buy one, saving you from $75-$150.

Your pet is always under the watchful eyes of our pet professional staff.

Your pet is individually transported to the plane and loaded by hand, not by a moving conveyor belt ramp where your pet can fall off.

On board and in flight, the lights are always on so your pet can see what is going on and talk and see their fellow pawsengers. Several times during the flight, our pet attendant will be coming by to see how your pet is doing offering them a drink or a cookie. And of-course they get a potty break and a walk for those pets going long distances