Peaceful Flights, Peaceful Pets.

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  • Company operations are supported by an executive team and advisory team with long years of experience in the airline industry
  • From drop-off to delivery, pets are handled by people who are pet professionals trained by the company, not by cargo loaders.
  • The market for pet travel is very large, potentially 31M pet-flights, and there are no comparable competitors to our service.
  • Pet Airways will establish partnerships with major airlines, travel providers, pet-partners and others in the industry to increase our outreach and success potential.

Our Story

In 2001, Dan Wiesel and Alysa Binder faced a common problem: the lack of suitable pet travel options on airplanes. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) categorizes pets as “baggage,” restricting them to under-seat space or cargo hold. Unable to bring their Jack Russell, Zoe, in-cabin during flights between Florida and California, the Wiesels experienced stress and uncertainty when Zoe had to fly in cargo. Determined to find a solution, they founded Pet Airways after realizing many pet owners shared similar concerns about putting their pets in the cargo hold.

Why Choose Pet Airways?

Pets on Pet Airways are “pawsengers™”, not baggage.

· Pet Airways is a pet-only airline dedicated to the safe and comfortable transportation of your pet.

· Pets are continuously monitored on the ground and in the air by our vet tech staff.

· We fly our own planes, and pets are located in the main cabin, right behind our pilots.

· Our main cabin is fully lit at all times so pets can see their surroundings.

· Once it is OK to move about the cabin, our onboard pet attendant walks up and down the aisle several times during the flight to ensure all our pawsengers™ are enjoying the flight.

· On cross-country flights, we stop halfway across the country so that all dogs can be given a nice walk to stretch their legs, have potty time, and get water and food. Cats are checked to ensure their kennels are clean and then fed and given water.

· Upon arrival, pawsengers™ are offered water before being delivered to their authorized human.

· We provide the carriers, so pet parents don’t have to buy one (saving between $75-200)