Pets are Not Luggage!

They are part of your family. They deserve to fly safely, and not in dangerous cargo holds.






Flights to Commence, Post Covid, Hopefully Mid-2022

Over 5,000 pets are injured or killed flying in the cargo holds of the human airlines.

1. Temperature Extremes

Your pet can experience life-threatening temperature extremes.  The cargo hold temperature can reach up to 140 degrees on the ground before takeoff causing heat prostration.  In the air, it can easily be below freezing.

2. Not Very Much Fresh Air

In an unknown stressful environment, your pet breathes faster to counter the stress. There is very little fresh air circulating in the cargo hold for your pet, which adds to their stress.

3. Complete Darkness

In the cargo hold, your pet is in complete darkness with lots of strange, unfamiliar, and loud noises. In the darkness, your pet will be scared. Not knowing or seeing what is going will add more stress for them.

On the human airlines, your pet is treated no better than luggage.

Pets are often mishandled by cargo workers and always confined to the dark and dangerous cargo hold.

So What Choice Do You Have?

Drive Your Pet

Days on the road with your pet cooped up may sound like an adventure but can be dangerous for you and your pet. It Sounds like a great and easy idea until you really think about it. Will the weather be an issue? Will hotels along the way allow pets. When needed, can you leave your pet in the car? What does the gas cost? What do the hotels cost? What if the car breaks down?

Do you really want to spend all that time driving?

Not looking so enticing anymore, right?

Use A Pet Shipper

Pet Shippers can be a valuable asset under certain circumstances, but they add additional steps involving additional people handling your pet. They will get your pet to and from the airport, but they are still putting your pet in the cargo hold of the Human Airlines.

Once they drop your pet off, they are no longer directly monitoring your pet. They have no clue where your pet is, in what type of environment, who is handling them, how they are being treated and if they are safe.

Take Them Along On Your Flight

First, you have to go shopping for a crate for your pet. Then you have to fit the crate in your car with all your luggage and family, and drive to the airport.

At the airport, you check your pet in at the counter. Your pet is put on the conveyor belt, and off it goes into the black hole of the luggage system.

What happens to your pet now? No one really knows! Where is your pet now? Who is handling your pet? A Cargo Handler? How is your pet being treated? Is your pet on-board with you? Is there anybody to call to get information on how your pet is doing or where your pet is during the trip?.

Do they actually really care?


What if you could fly your pet in comfort and safety, and not in cargo?


What if there was an airline where pets flew in the main cabin.

A cabin:

  • that is illuminated so pets can look around.

  • where there is a of lots of cool fresh air for them to breath.
  • where a Pet Attendant is checking on them all the time to make sure they doing well?


That safe and comfortable alternative now exists.


An alternative to the hardship of driving, to using pet shippers, and to flying pets in the  cargo holds of the human airlines.

There is an alternative to give Pet Parents peace of mind!