The Pet Airways Shelter-Pet Relocation Program

The righteous care for the needs of their animals
— Proverbs 12:10

life-saving flights to loving forever homes

In addition to flights for family pets, Pet Airways is committed to helping solve the disdainful practice of euthenasia of pets in shelters by providing life-saving flights through our Shelter-Pet Relocation Program.

Thousands upon thousands of Shelter-Pets are in cities far away from the people willing to adopt them. The problem is: how do these Shelter-Pets get across the country to cities where they are wanted?

The Pet Airways Shelter-Pet Relocation Program aims to solve this problem by providing life-saving flights for pets, sending them to cities where there is demand for their adoption.


how it works: precautions & Care

When it comes to rescuing pets from shelters, we fully take into account that there may be exposure to harmful illnesses.

Prior to boarding a Pet Airways plane to begin their journey to a forever-home, the Pet Airways Shelter-Pet Relocation Program ensures that each pet is healthy and ready for the next phase of life.

All Shelter-Pets receive a complete physical examination by a Pet Airways certified veterinarian. They are evaluated from nose to tail, including receiving all tests necessary to insure that they are free of any communicable diseases. We make sure that each shelter-pet has received all their shots and we quarantine and watch them to make sure they are truly healthy enough to join forever-families. 

The Pet Airways Shelter-Pet Relocation Program is not a 501c organization.