How Our Pet-Only Flights Work


Pets Check In at Our Pet-Only Pet Lounge

At the airport, Pet Airways has its own facility to check in your pet. We call it the Pet Airways Pet Lounge.

At the Pet Lounge, our Pet Attendants will check your pet in for their flight (many of our Pet Attendants are certified Vet Techs).

We will verify the information you have supplied when you booked the flight; their health certificate, who to contact if we can’t contact you, who is authorized to pick up your pet if not you, and any  medical conditions and/or special needs or instructions we should be aware of.

Your pet will be taken back to our climate controlled waiting area behind the check-in counter where they will be placed in a Pet Airways provided pet crate to await boarding.

While waiting to board the plane, our Pet Attendants will be monitoring your pet and all of our ready-to-board Pawsengers.


Pets Are Carefully Escorted to Their Plane

When it’s time to board the plane, your pet is carefully moved to the plane.

We load our pawsengers as quickly as possible and take-off as quickly as possible. 

On the ground, our aircraft is air-conditioned for cool fresh air for any pawsengers that are already on board and for those being loaded.

Pets Are Secured For Their Flights

When we load our pawsengers, we make sure that each and every pet is secure in its crate and their crates are securely fastened to the plane.

This Is Your Captain Speaking

Once all our pawsengers are onboard, the captain will walk down the cabin to check and make sure all the pawsengers are seated, secure and ready to fly.

He verifies with the On-Board Pet Attendant that all is OK, and he prepares to take off.

In-Flight Monitoring

Once the plane has taken off and the captain gives the OK to move around the cabin, our On-Board Pet Attendant begins one of several in-flight walk-throughs of the cabin to check on our pawsengers.

Our cabins are full lit so our pawsengers can see what is going on, and so that our Pet Attendant can see them and verify all is well.

If a pet-emergency presents itself, our On-Board Pet Attendants has the authority, if necessary, to command the captain to find the nearest airport where help can be found. 


Pets Are Greeted By Their Family

On arrival, our aircraft is quickly hooked up to our ground air condidtioning unit to maintain fresh air in the plane and our Pet Attendants quickly disembark our pawsengers. We do a head count and verification of destination to make sure every pet that should be disembarking has actually disembarked and is accounted for.

Its been a fun experience for our pawsengers but a drink is always appreciated, so  before we re-unite them with their family, we offer them a drink.

Before we hand over any pet, we check the ID of the person greeting the pet and verify that this person is authorized to receive the pet. We will not release a pet to an unauthorized person.

If for some reason no one is there to greet the pet, we will try to locate the authorized pickup person to see what is going on. 

No pet will be left alone at the airport, even if no one comes. One of our people may take him/her home or we may use a trusted boarding facility nearby to take care of them.