Pets are family, not baggage!


Pet Airways takes the stress out of travel for your pet. Our pawsengersยฎ are in the loving hands of a team of compassionate pet-professionals overseeing every step of their journey; on the ground and in the air. During their time with us, they are monitored, provided water, fed and walked. Parents can also receive updates on the well-being of their pets, eliminating any anxiety about the trip, and bringing total peace of mind to an otherwise harrowing event.


About pet airways

Pet Airways is a pet-only airline where our pawsengers fly in the main cabin of our specially equipped aircraft, under the constant supervision of our On-Board Pet Attendants.

Itโ€™s all about the safety, comfort and care of our pawsengers.


saving lives of shelter-pets

Pet Airways provides life-saving flights to relocate shelter-pets to their forever-homes.



Help improve the lives of pets! Invest in Pet Airways, the only airline exclusively designed for the safe and comfortable transportation of family pets.


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