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Test Your Knowledge on Feline Hiss-tory

By Arden Moore for Pet Airways


Cats have been part of this planet for eons. Yet, through the ages, they have been loved and loathed. Fortunately, cats are enjoying a popularity movement – they outnumber dogs as America’s favorite pet by a margin of 90 million to 73 million.

Just how well do you know the feline evolution? It’s time to hiss and tell about some famous – and infamous cats and catty acts through the ages. So, we at Pet Airways created this special quiz to test your feline history talents. Ready? Let’s begin!

  1. Name the date associated with the first evident that the cat had been domesticated?
    1. 10,000 B.C.
    2. 8000 B.C.
    3. 3400 B.C.
    4. 1964


  1. Ancient Egyptians worshiped cats, or mious, as they called them. What was the name of the catlike goddess in 950 BC when cat worshipping was at its peak?
    1. Bastet
    2. Matagot
    3. Ra
    4. King Tut


  1. In The Last Supper, a painting by Italian artist Domenico Ghirlandaio, a cat is depicted sitting that the feet of which of Jesus’ disciples?
    1. John
    2. Peter
    3. Judas
    4. Simon


  1. Which famous inventor is also credited with creating the cat flap, a small door that allows cats to come in and out of a home?
    1. Leonardo da Vinci
    2. Sir Isaac Newton
    3. Thomas Edison
    4. Henry Ford


  1. Where was the first American cat show held?
    1. Philadelphia
    2. Chicago
    3. Boston
    4. New York City


  1. Which famous cat was named “the feline Burt Reynolds” by Time Magazine in 1973?
    1. Top Cat
    2. Tom of Tom and Jerry Cartoons
    3. Morris the Cat
    4. Garfield the Cat


  1. In 1988, Massachusetts lawmakers declared which cat to be the state’s official cat?
    1. Tabby
    2. Siamese
    3. Ragdoll
    4. Persian


  1. In what country is a black cat crossing your path regarded as good luck?
    1. Canada
    2. Germany
    3. Japan
    4. Sweden


  1. Which famous person is attributed to saying, “I have an Egyptian Cat. He leaves a pyramid in every room.”
    1. Mark Twain
    2. Rodney Dangerfield
    3. Mike Myers
    4. Ernest Hemingway


  1. Which famous author depicted cats as symbols of the sinister in his books, but adored them?
    1. Ernest Hemingway
    2. Edgar Allen Poe
    3. Victor Hugo
    4. Cleveland Amory


Answers: 1. B – Archeologists discovered cat bones in excavations on the island of Cyprus that date back to 8000 B.C. 2. A – Bastet was portrayed as a woman with the head of a cat. Each year, hundreds of thousands made pilgrimages to Bubastics in ancient Egypt to honor Bastet. 3. C – Judas, Jesus’ betrayer. At this time in European history, cats were associated with witchcraft and fell out of favor. 4. B- Sir Isaac Newton created this in-and-out device for his beloved cat, affectionately named Spithead. 5. D – Cat fanciers brought their purebred cats for the first American competition held at Madison Square Gardens in New York City in 1895. 6. C – Morris the cat, the “pitch cat” for 9Lives cat food, was featured in the movie, Shamus, that starred Burt Reynolds and Dyan Cannon. 7. A – The fine folks from the great state of Massachusetts are partial to one cat breed and so voted the tabby as their official state cat. 8. C – Japan, along with Great Britain, it is regarded as good luck when a black cat crosses a person’s path because they view it as the cat carrying bad luck away from that person. 9. B – The late, great “I get no respect” comedian Rodney Dangerfield is credited with this famous quote. 10. B – Edgar Allen Poe used his cat, Catarina, for inspiration in his “The Black Cat” short story. He was a lifelong admirer of cats.


So, how did you fare in this feline quiz?


If you correctly answered all 10, you’re ready for the feline version of Jeopardy!

If you correctly answered at least 7, you didn’t take too many catnaps in history class.

If you correctly answered at least 4, you deserve a dose of fresh catnip tea for trying.

If you correctly answered 3 or less, you probably prefer dogs over cats.