I’m so glad that you guys are coming back!

I’m so glad that you guys are coming back! Here’s my story:

In 2009, I saw this picture online. Within seconds, I knew little Wolfie would be mine. But he was in California and I was in New Jersey. About 2 weeks prior, I had read about Pet Airways. Thank goodness for your service!!!

After a harrowing experience actually getting him to the airport, he finally made his way across the country.
Read the full story here: https://wolverinesadventures.weebly.com

This is my first meeting with him. Michelle at the Pet Airways terminal was wonderful. 

Today, over 8 years later, I’m still in love. He’s sleeping at my feet right now. He has his own Facebook page and 5000 followers and I’ve shared info about Pet Airways there several times. I love to hear that you will be providing flights for rescue pets! I’m an animal transporter (mostly cats) and know how important it is to get the animals where the demand is.

Good luck in getting back to where you were before!