Pet Travel Tips

Chew On This For While

Bag packed.    Check.

Food.               Check.

ID.                   Check.

Kong stuffed.

Kong? Well, sure. This travel checklist isn’t for you, it’s for your dog. We at Pet Airways know that one of the most important things you can do when traveling with your dog is to pack proven entertainment that will intrigue him for hours. For many dogs, that’s a tough, durable Kong toy packed with their favorite treats.

Making a travel-friendly stuffed Kong calls for using treats that will stay fresh for long periods and combine taste, texture, smell and sound to hold your dog’s interest: stinky freeze-dried liver, chopped-up baby carrots for a little crunchy goodness, cheese-flavored crackers in the shape of a fish, bite-size pieces of beef jerky, his favorite kibble, and toasted oat cereal rings. You can also use pieces of apple, broccoli and celery for a little variety. My dogs love ‘em all, especially Twyla, who fancies herself a gourmet.

To stuff the Kong, use pieces that will just fit inside the hole in the bottom. If they’re too small, they’ll fall out too easily, and your dog will snarf them all before the trip is half done. If they’re too big, your dog could get discouraged and lose interest. Fill the Kong with an assortment of treats of different weights and sizes. It shouldn’t be so full that it doesn’t rattle a little when your dog nudges it, but it should hold enough to keep him busy the whole trip. The lightweight fish crackers and toasted Os will probably be the first to go, but the other items will require a little more effort from your dog to pry them from the Kong’s interior.

Now your dog is ready to travel. Bone voyage!


By Kim Thornton for Pet Airways