TV Veterinarian Personality, Dr. Jeff Werber, DVM joins Pet Airways as Director of Veterinary Services.

Delray Beach, FL, February 7, 2011: Pet Airways Inc. OTCQB: PAWS, the world's only airline designed specifically for safe and comfortable pet travel announced today that Dr. Jeff Werber, the Emmy Award Winning TV Veterinary Personality, and Veterinarian to many Hollywood Stars including Lassie, has joined Pet Airways as Director of Veterinary Services. As part of Pet Airways’ commitment to providing a safe travel alternative to cargo, the Director of Veterinary Services role is to oversee Pet Airways’ Pet Handling Procedures and to train and advise staff on all pet related issues.

Dr. Jeff, as he is known to his clients in Hollywood stated, “ I have been a tremendous supporter of Pet Airways from its launch of flight operations in 2009. I recommend Pet Airways to my pet clientele and several have flown on Pet Airways.” The concept of a pet airline where pets fly in the main cabin, in air-conditioned comfort, and monitored by a trained pet attendant is a natural extension of providing care for pets” said Dr. Jeff. “I am thrilled to be part of the Pet Airways Team.”

Dr. Jeff continues, “In my practice, I am continually asked about flying pets in cargo holds of passenger airplanes. Many Veterinarians including myself feel that cargo holds are just too unsafe. You never know what conditions your pet is experiencing. It can be quite stressful for pets, especially those that are sensitive to extreme heat or cold, lack of fresh cool air or who may be a little anxious. Until Pet Airways, there was no option but to use these cargo services”.

Dan Wiesel, Chairman and CEO of Pet Airways said, “Knowing that the Pet Airways staff will be trained and advised by an experienced and well respected Veterinarian like Dr. Jeff, is a great relief to pet parents, especially with the recent news regarding the death of pets placed in cargo. Many airlines, now limit certain breeds in cargo due to these incidents. Our pawsengerstm fly in the main cabin, and our In-Flight Pet Attendant continuously monitors them during the flight.”

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About Pet Airways, Inc Pet Airways is the only airline specifically designed for the safe and comfortable transportation of pets. Pet Airways' pawsengers™ travel in the specially equipped main cabin of its planes - where pets are continuously monitored by an In-Flight Pet Attendant and the climate is controlled for maximum pet comfort. With Pet Airways, pet parents can be assured their animals will be treated with tender, loving care throughout the journey. The airline launched flight operations in 2009 and currently serves coast-to-coast destinations across the United States, including Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver, Omaha, Chicago, Baltimore, New York, Atlanta and Ft. Lauderdale. For more information go to

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