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Pet Travel Channel

Christine Gowen Web Managing Editor for VPI Pet Insurance's online pet "magazine."

Name: Christine Gowen

What do you do? I'm the Web Managing Editor for VPI Pet Insurance's online pet "magazine." I write and edit articles about daily life with pets, including health, safety, travel, exercise and random subjects such as finding the best pet bed or pooper scooper.

Puppy Pawsenger Alert!

Name: Puppy Gatewood

Breed: Mastiff
Age: 11 weeks
Flew From: Baltimore/Washington to Fort Lauderdale

It's a Pawsenger Trio!

Names: Tucker, Triscuit and Bailey
Breed: Terrier, terrier cross and Bearded Collie
Flew From: New York to Phoenix
Carry-On Item: Marrow bones to enjoy once they landed--a nice treat after a long flight.

Heartworms and Cats

New Study Reveals Disease Is Not Just For Dogs
by VPI Pet HealthZone

Cats are not the preferred target of most mosquitoes or the preferred host for the heartworms. They appear to have a natural resistance to infection and can live with very low worm burdens without ever showing any related clinical signs. Cats tend to have fewer worms than dogs, and the worms are more short-lived, as compared to dogs.5

Lana at Pet Airways Baltimore-Washington

What do you do? I'm the Lounge Manager at Baltimore-Washington.

What’s the best part of your job? Helping people get their furry children home safely.

Tell us about your pets. My cats are: Rosencrantz, a grey and white 5-year-old female; her littermate Guildentstern, a 5-year-old tuxedo male; and Frieda, a grey, long-haired 4-year-old female.


Allana at Pet Airways New York

Where do you live? Lake Grove, NY

What do you do? Lead Pet Attendant. I am responsible for checking pets in and out, as well as for the their overall care and comfort while on the ground, at our New York lounge.

Chris at Pet Airways Fort Lauderdale

What do you do? I’m the Fort Lauderdale Lounge Manager, so anything and everything I can do to make pet travel in and out of Fort Lauderdale enjoyable. I take pride in treating your pets like my own!

5 Ways to Keep Pets Safe on Halloween

Potential Hazards Can Be Scary
Advice from VPI Pet HealthZone

Halloween can be a fun event for families and their pets. However, if safety precautions aren’t taken, it can also be a hazardous time for our four-legged companions.

Priceless Ways to Stretch Your Pet Budget

By Arden Moore

Saving money has become a necessity in today’s economy. And, that includes the family budget allocated for your pet. Here are some of our strategies.


Getting pets from A to B—and everywhere in between

Pet Airways is not in service at this time.

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