Pawsenger of the Week, Happy

Name: Happy
Breed: Labrador retriever
Flew From: Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale

Pet Airways report: Happy flew Pet Airways as part of his move from California to Florida. His family was driving across the country, taking 14 days to "tour" through several states. Elise, who is 7 years old, told us that her favorite thing about Happy is that he's "super sweet." Although Happy sleeps in her mommy's room at night, he never misses bedtime stories in her room first. Elise also told us some funny stories about Happy while she was at the Hawthorne Pet Lounge prior to Happy's flight: like the time he once took a whole chicken, cooked to perfection and fresh from the oven right off the kitchen counter. Elise said Happy was "happy" after he ate the chicken, but her Mom? Not so happy!