Puppy Pawsenger Alert: Versace

Pawsengers too cute not to share with everyone else!

Name: Versace
Breed: Irish Wolfhound
Age: 12.5 weeks
Flew From: Mesa, Arizona, to Los Angeles

Carry-on Essentials: Puppy food and a new piggy toy (stuffing-free since he likes to tear his toys apart)

Pet Airways report: Pet Lounge attendants Tom and Melissa were utterly charmed by this pup flying to his new home. "He was very goofy and clumsy, and a typical puppy," says Melissa. "Trying to eat everything!" But there was a sweet side to this cheeky boy, too: "He gave lots of kisses and climbed right up into our laps. He was a joy to try and keep up with!" It makes all of us happy to think of Versace enjoying his piggy and playing up a storm with his new family.