It's a Trio!

Names: Tucker, Triscuit and Bailey
Breed: Terrier, terrier cross and Bearded Collie
Flew From: New York to Phoenix
Carry-On Item: Marrow bones to enjoy once they landed--a nice treat after a long flight.

Pet Airways report: This adorable trio traveled on Pet Airways from New York to Phoenix recently -- good timing to avoid the cold weather in the Northeast. Tucker, Triscuit and Bailey were off to their family's vacation home in Phoenix, one of their favorite places to enjoy winter without the snow. Tucker, a 5-year-old terrier, is "the cutest little dog with a big-dog attitude," say our Phoenix Lounge attendnats Tom, Starla and Melissa. Bailey the Bearded Collie is a "sweet, laidback 14-year-old young pup" and Triscuit, a 7-year-old terrier is a silly girl who sneezes when she gets excited. These three friendly pups are frequent fliers and we love getting to see their furry faces as often as we do. Have a great holiday season, guys!