Pets are members of our family. Would you put your child in cargo? No you wouldn’t. That’s why we created Pet Airways. At Pet Airways, pets fly in the main cabin, not in cargo. Our Pawsengers™ fly right behind the pilot and our on-board Pet Attendant. While we don't and shouldn't provide in-flight food and beverages, we do check on our Pawsengers™ during the flight to make sure they are happy and enjoying the experience.

After the flight, our Pawsengers™ tell us and their Pet Parents, just how much they enjoyed the flight.

Here are some of our Pawsengers™.

It's a Trio!

Names: Tucker, Triscuit and Bailey
Breed: Terrier, terrier cross and Bearded Collie
Flew From: New York to Phoenix
Carry-On Item: Marrow bones to enjoy once they landed--a nice treat after a long flight.