FAQS - Reservations

How do I measure my pet's height?

Pet Airways measures the max height of the Pawsenger as the distance from the floor to the top of the shoulders (withers). Please use the size chart below as reference.

Pet Height Measurement

May I purchase additional insurance coverage?

When you make your reservation, you can choose to purchase additional insurance. Simply check the appropriate amount in the "additional insurance coverage" box. Your pet will then be covered in the case of accidental death for the amount purchased.


Are my pets insured?

When you make a reservation for your pet on Pet Airways, your pet automatically receives our Accidental Pet Death Insurance Coverage. Although no price can be put on what our pets mean to us, we want to make sure that in some way, in case of accidental death, you are compensated. The standard coverage is $500 but you can purchase additional coverage at a nominal fee when you make your reservation.

Can I fly with my pet?

Sorry, this is a pet only airline. No humans please.

What is the average fare on Pet Airways?

Our fares are not determined by some fancy calculations but based on the height and weight of your pet plus the length of the journey.

Of course, if the distance your pet travels is less or more, the price of your ticket may be less or more.

How do you calculate fares?

Pet Airways fares are calculated based on the size of the carrier, pet weight and the length of the journey. All fares are non-refundable, but unused fares may be credited to future travel as long as changes are made more than 14 days before travel.

How far in advance may I purchase Pet Airways travel?

You may make reservations in advance for any dates in our announced schedule.

What is the minimum time required between purchase and departure?

Depending on availability, you may make reservations up to 4 hours before departure. Just make sure you have enough time to get your pet to the Pet Lounge and that you have the health certificate up to date. We cannot accept a pet without a current health certificate.

How do I receive tickets?

On Pet Airways, you don't need to worry about tickets! All you need for check-in is your reservation confirmation number. Once you make a reservation and pay for travel, we will retain your travel information. If for some reason you lose your confirmation email or confirmation number, we can still retrieve your information. It's just one less thing you have to worry about.

Can I buy tickets with cash or check at check-in?

Because all travel must be paid in advance at the time of reservation, we do not accept payment of any kind at check-in.

How do I know when my online reservation is complete?

After you have completed the reservation process, the final screen will include a confirmation message and the ability to print a confirmation.

In addition, you will receive a confirmation email with your reservation details.