FAQS - Check-In

Can I check-in packages or other luggage going to the same destination?

Currently, you are allowed a one gallon ziploc bag. However, we are always reviewing that part of our service. We want to make your pet traveling experience as easy as possible, and we recognize that this type of service could be helpful.

What items can travel with my pet? Can I pack special toys or bedding to go along with my pet?

Please limit your pet's luggage to only what will fit into a 1 gallon ziploc bag, such as food, medicine or a small toy. We also recommend sending a familiar small blanket or towel along with your pet. NOTHING MORE, PLEASE...

How do I bring my pet to the Pet Lounge?

Just bring your pet on a leash or under your arm as you would bring your pet to your vet. Remember, there will be other pets there so be prepared.

How do I find out what my check-in time is?

Your check in time is found on your confirmation email when you make the reservation. In general however, the check in time DEADLINE is 1-2 hours prior to flight time, depending on how early in the day the plane departs. The latest drop off time can be found on your email confirmation.

Where do I check in?

Check in occurs at our Pet Lounge located at the airport.