FAQS - During The Flight

Are there lights in the cabin and is it climate controlled?

Absolutely one hundred percent! That's one of the things that makes Pet Airways so special. Unlike commercial airlines, our pawsengers are NOT cargo! They travel in the main cabin of the plane. The plane is lit so our Pet Attendant can see into the pet carrier and see how your pet is doing. The temperature in the plane is kept at a comfortable level, not too hot, not too cold, and we make sure that good clean fresh air is constantly circulating at all times.

What's it like in the plane?

Our pawsengers travel in the main cabin of the planes:

  • Climate-controlled with lots of fresh, cool air
  • Pet attendant on-board at all times
  • Safe and comfortable individual pet carriers

Pet carriers are secured to the plane with special fasteners that keep the pet carrier in place.

All pet carriers face the "aisle" so that our pet attendant can easily look in and see our Pawsengers as they walk up and down the aisle.

Do you offer water during the flight?

Although this sounds like a great idea, it is best if Pawsengers do not eat or drink while flying. However, if our Pet Attendant sees that a Pawsenger needs some water or something to chew on, we will do whatever we can to make them comfortable.

For the comfort of your pet, we recommend you refrain from feeding within 4 hours of travel.


Can I specify a special snack for my pet during the flight?

Our vets recommend not feeding your pet during the flight, after all, pets can get motion sickness too.

Are there attendants on board?

Yes! We have a trained Pet Attendant on board at all times to check on the comfort of your pet. They generally check the Pawsengers every 15 minutes. As needed, they will offer water or maybe just an ear scratch!

My pet will need medication during the day. Who can administer it?

If your pet will require medication during the day, please specify this when you make the reservation. Don't forget to bring the medication, with written instructions at check-in. Our trained pet attendants will be able to administer the medication per your instructions.

What happens if my pet gets sick during the flight?

If your pet becomes ill during the flight, we will notify you as soon as possible, and discuss with you whether your pet should continue with planned travel. If your pet's illness becomes life-threatening, we will divert the flight to the nearest airport as soon as possible and contact either your vet if available or our vet for the course of action we should take.