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How do I measure my pet's height?

Pet Airways measures the max height of the Pawsenger as the distance from the floor to the top of the shoulders (withers). Please use the size chart below as reference.

Pet Height Measurement

May I purchase additional insurance coverage?

When you make your reservation, you can choose to purchase additional insurance. Simply check the appropriate amount in the "additional insurance coverage" box. Your pet will then be covered in the case of accidental death for the amount purchased.


Are my pets insured?

When you make a reservation for your pet on Pet Airways, your pet automatically receives our Accidental Pet Death Insurance Coverage. Although no price can be put on what our pets mean to us, we want to make sure that in some way, in case of accidental death, you are compensated. The standard coverage is $500 but you can purchase additional coverage at a nominal fee when you make your reservation.

Can I fly with my pet?

Sorry, this is a pet only airline. No humans please.

What is the average fare on Pet Airways?

Our fares are not determined by some fancy calculations but based on the height and weight of your pet plus the length of the journey.

Of course, if the distance your pet travels is less or more, the price of your ticket may be less or more.

How do you calculate fares?

Pet Airways fares are calculated based on the size of the carrier, pet weight and the length of the journey. All fares are non-refundable, but unused fares may be credited to future travel as long as changes are made more than 14 days before travel.

How far in advance may I purchase Pet Airways travel?

You may make reservations in advance for any dates in our announced schedule.

What is the minimum time required between purchase and departure?

Depending on availability, you may make reservations up to 4 hours before departure. Just make sure you have enough time to get your pet to the Pet Lounge and that you have the health certificate up to date. We cannot accept a pet without a current health certificate.

How do I receive tickets?

On Pet Airways, you don't need to worry about tickets! All you need for check-in is your reservation confirmation number. Once you make a reservation and pay for travel, we will retain your travel information. If for some reason you lose your confirmation email or confirmation number, we can still retrieve your information. It's just one less thing you have to worry about.

Can I buy tickets with cash or check at check-in?

Because all travel must be paid in advance at the time of reservation, we do not accept payment of any kind at check-in.

How do I know when my online reservation is complete?

After you have completed the reservation process, the final screen will include a confirmation message and the ability to print a confirmation.

In addition, you will receive a confirmation email with your reservation details.

What are your security procedures?

At Pet Airways, we take security very seriously. Our number one priority is the safety and comfort of your pet. Per federal regulations, we examine the contents of all pet luggage bags, and we provide all carriers for transport. Our Pawsengers™ are never left unattended and are always under the care of our trained Pet Attendants. We do not x-ray or scan Pawsengers at any time. However we do visually examine all pets at check-in to ensure they are healthy enough to fly and to identify any stress or other unusual behavior.

Do I need a new health certificate for the return flight?

If your return flight is within 3 months of your first flight and your pet's shots remain current during that time, you do not need a new health certificate. If your returning flight is more than 3 months later then you will need a new health certificate dated within 14 days of your pets flight.

Do you discriminate against transporting breeds like Pit Bulls, etc?

The answer is no. We do not discriminate against transporting any pet breed.

What we must do is provide for the safety of our staff and other pet travelers. Unfortunately, whether it is because of breeding or trained behavior, some breeds have a higher aggressive tendencies than others. This is simply a well-documented fact.

So that we can take proper precautions, for any breed, we need to know the aggressive tendancy of any pet we transport, whether a Chihuahua or a Pit Bull, and therefore be able to act accordingly in our handling techniques. That is the only "advance arrangement" we need.

We apologize, in advance if that offends owners of certain breeds. We know that a few bad incidents, highly publicized in the press, do not fairly judge the nature of a certain breed and especially individual pets.


Can I track my pet?


We record your pet's status each time he or she is moved and/or at specific intervals, and every 15 minutes in the air.

You can monitor your pet's journey online at www.petairways.com

What about potty breaks?

Potty breaks are given on a regular schedule and when needed. There is potty time before and after the flight, and on stopovers depending on the time since the last potty break. All potty breaks will occur in a secure environment.

Can I fly with my pet?

No. This is a pet only airline. No humans please!

Should I feed my pet before travel?

For the comfort of your pet, our vets recommend you do NOT feed your pet within 4 hours of travel.

Do I need to purchase a pet carrier or kennel?

Never! An in-flight pet carrier is provided for each Pawsenger during the flight as part of the fare price. We provide great quality pet carriers from Petmate. Just bring your pet to the Pet Lounge (dogs must be leashed and cats must be in a secure carrier)and we will do the rest! Please note: Your pet will be provided the carrier size reserved when making your reservation. Each carrier size has limited spots on our planes. Please measure your pet carefully when choosing a carrier size during the reservation process or an upgrade charge will apply. The max height is determined by measuring from the floor to the top of the shoulders (withers).

How do I calculate the correct size carrier for my pet?

The correct size carrier is based on the height of your pet when your pet is standing in its natural position. Measure the max height as the distance from the floor to the top of its shoulders (withers).

Based on the pet height you enter into our reservations system we will assign the correct pet carrier size. Please note: It is very important you measure correctly. Each flight has a limited amount of spots for each carrier size. If your pet does not fit the carrier you selected, an upgrade charge will apply. If a bigger carrier is not available your pet will not be able to travel and no refund will be given.

Can my pets travel together in one carrier?

No, each pet must be in a separate carrier.

Can my puppy or kitten fly on Pet Airways?

Puppies and kittens are welcome on Pet Airways if they are at least 8 weeks old and weaned at least 5 days before flying. Please bring the health certificate with you for check-in. Please make sure you measure accurately when determining the correct carrier size. We know all puppies and kittens are cute and cuddly but they come in so many shapes or sizes that we want them to be comfortable!

Can my pregnant pet travel?

Yes, depending on how pregnant your pet is at the time of travel! Pets expected to whelp within two weeks of travel are not allowed to fly on Pet Airways. We will need you to accept and sign a no-liability statement, for obvious reasons.

Should I give my pet a sedative before travel?

Absolutely not! The most common tranquilizer, H-acepromazine has VERY serious consequences for traveling pets: it relaxes the respiratory muscles which makes breathing more difficult, it could lead to over-exertion just for breathing, which will lower blood sugar ,it alters the body's temperature control mechanism.

We will NOT ACCEPT animals for travel that appear sedated. You may either take your pet back home for 24 hours, or we will board your pet at a Paws Lodge at standard rates for 24 hours and reschedule travel.

Does my pet need a health certificate or any shots?

Within 2 weeks of your pet's travel date, your vet must certify your pet is healthy enough to fly. The certificate covers all the health requirements for your pet's travel as follows:

For Dogs

  • Current Rabies vaccine
  • DHLPP (distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis (optional), parainfluenza, and parvovirus) within 12 months of travel
  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough) within 6 months of travel.
  • Negative Fecal Worm Test within 14 days of travel. If the test is positive, you must show proof of current treatment.

  • Please note a Titer Certificate showing adequate levels of antibodies based on your state's requirements is acceptable and may also be used as proof for Rabies and DHLPP.
For Cats
  • FVRCP (Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calici Virus, and Panleukopenia. (Pneumonitis is highly recommended) within 12 months of travel
  • Current Rabies vaccine
  • Feline Leukemia Vaccination (optional, but highly recommended)
  • Negative Fecal Worm Test - within 14 days of travel. If the test is positive, you must show proof of current treatment.

  • Please note a Titer Certificate showing adequate levels of antibodies based on your state's requirements is acceptable and may also be used as proof for Rabies and FVRCP.

For Puppies/kittens:

  • Puppies and kittens must be up to date on vaccinations as appropriate by age

We recognize that medical decisions concerning vaccine selection and administration protocols are among the most complicated medical decisions and are left to the discretion of the administering vet.




I have a health certificate from last year. Can I still use it?

No. To be valid, a health certificate must be issued no more than 14 days prior to travel.

What makes Pet Airways different?

We are different than any other airline... Pet Airways is a pet-only airline! 1) Pets fly only in the main cabin, NOT CARGO! 2) Climate-controlled cabin with plenty of fresh cool air. 3) In-flight Pet Attendant on-board at all times with frequent checks on Pawsengers. 4) No need to buy a carrier. A carrier is provided for Pawsengers on each flight! 5) Potty breaks before and after flights. 6) A caring team on a mission for safe and comfortable pet travel!

What types of pets can fly on Pet Airways?

We love to fly dogs and cats! In addition, we can transport small pets such as rats or Guinea pigs. We currently do not accept rabbits. Please inform us if a pet has previously demonstrated aggressive behavior to ensure the Pawsenger is properly cared for during their trip. Oh yeah, human passengers are not allowed on Pet Airways!

Can I check-in packages or other luggage going to the same destination?

Currently, you are allowed a one gallon ziploc bag. However, we are always reviewing that part of our service. We want to make your pet traveling experience as easy as possible, and we recognize that this type of service could be helpful.

What items can travel with my pet? Can I pack special toys or bedding to go along with my pet?

Please limit your pet's luggage to only what will fit into a 1 gallon ziploc bag, such as food, medicine or a small toy. We also recommend sending a familiar small blanket or towel along with your pet. NOTHING MORE, PLEASE...

How do I bring my pet to the Pet Lounge?

Just bring your pet on a leash or under your arm as you would bring your pet to your vet. Remember, there will be other pets there so be prepared.

How do I find out what my check-in time is?

Your check in time is found on your confirmation email when you make the reservation. In general however, the check in time DEADLINE is 1-2 hours prior to flight time, depending on how early in the day the plane departs. The latest drop off time can be found on your email confirmation.

Where do I check in?

Check in occurs at our Pet Lounge located at the airport.


Are there lights in the cabin and is it climate controlled?

Absolutely one hundred percent! That's one of the things that makes Pet Airways so special. Unlike commercial airlines, our pawsengers are NOT cargo! They travel in the main cabin of the plane. The plane is lit so our Pet Attendant can see into the pet carrier and see how your pet is doing. The temperature in the plane is kept at a comfortable level, not too hot, not too cold, and we make sure that good clean fresh air is constantly circulating at all times.

What's it like in the plane?

Our pawsengers travel in the main cabin of the planes:

  • Climate-controlled with lots of fresh, cool air
  • Pet attendant on-board at all times
  • Safe and comfortable individual pet carriers

Pet carriers are secured to the plane with special fasteners that keep the pet carrier in place.

All pet carriers face the "aisle" so that our pet attendant can easily look in and see our Pawsengers as they walk up and down the aisle.

Do you offer water during the flight?

Although this sounds like a great idea, it is best if Pawsengers do not eat or drink while flying. However, if our Pet Attendant sees that a Pawsenger needs some water or something to chew on, we will do whatever we can to make them comfortable.

For the comfort of your pet, we recommend you refrain from feeding within 4 hours of travel.


Can I specify a special snack for my pet during the flight?

Our vets recommend not feeding your pet during the flight, after all, pets can get motion sickness too.

Are there attendants on board?

Yes! We have a trained Pet Attendant on board at all times to check on the comfort of your pet. They generally check the Pawsengers every 15 minutes. As needed, they will offer water or maybe just an ear scratch!

My pet will need medication during the day. Who can administer it?

If your pet will require medication during the day, please specify this when you make the reservation. Don't forget to bring the medication, with written instructions at check-in. Our trained pet attendants will be able to administer the medication per your instructions.

What happens if my pet gets sick during the flight?

If your pet becomes ill during the flight, we will notify you as soon as possible, and discuss with you whether your pet should continue with planned travel. If your pet's illness becomes life-threatening, we will divert the flight to the nearest airport as soon as possible and contact either your vet if available or our vet for the course of action we should take.

Can I have someone else pick up my pet?

Yes, that is no problem, but...

You will need to specify the person who is authorized to pick up your pet at the arrival city.


Please note, only the authorized person that you designate can pick your pet up after presenting proper identification.


We will not release your pet to anyone else.

How long after the plane arrives will I be able to pick up my pet at the lounge?

Your pet will be available at the lounge about 30 minutes after arrival. If the arrival time is after midnight, we will board your pet until the next morning.

What happens to my pet during stopovers?

Stopovers usually last about one hour. During each stopover, Pawsengers are given the opportunity to take a potty break. They are also offered water as needed.

If the flight is unexpectedly cancelled, should I come and pick up my pet? Will I be notified?

If for some reason the the flight is cancelled unexpectedly, we will notify you by phone and email. Depending on when the next flight can be scheduled you can decide what is most convenient for you.

What happens if the flight is diverted to another airport? How do you look after my pet?

If the flight is diverted, first of all we'll let you know via a phone message and email message. Rest assured we will always take tender loving care of your pet. Depending on the cause of the diversion, we will either transfer our pawsengers to a different aircraft and continue the flight, or take them to the nearest Pet Airways Affiliated Pet Resort and board them at our expense until the journey can resume.

Can I bring my pet home if the delay is too long?

You may bring your pet home if you prefer, but you will need to return your pet to the lounge in time for departure. There may be certain situations where we will try to depart as soon as possible, and it may not be convenient for you to bring your pet back in time. For that reason, we recommend leaving your pet in our care until we can depart.

How do I change or cancel my reservation?

Pet Airways Cancellation and Reservations Change Policies

Our company goal is to be as fair and helpful as we can to our pet parents. Changes and Cancellations are a normal part of human air travel. Airlines typically overbook their flights because a human can sit in any one of a hundred seats on-board and the airlines have historical information about the number of people that cancel or do not show up for their flights.

On the other hand, Pet Airways has 5 pet carrier seat sizes, and we do not over-book. We have a limited number of seats in each pet carrier size and each seat is set aside, based on the size of the pet, for a particular pet.

We have created the policies below to be as fair as possible to our customers.

Please Note: Pet Airways reservations are non-refundable. If for any reason, you cancel your Pet Airways flight, you will receive a voucher for the cost of your flight, minus any charges as stated below.


Cancelling LESS Than 14 Days Prior to Departure


  1. There is 50% cancellation fee
  2. A flight voucher for the balance will be issued
  3. The voucher can be applied to a new reservation for a flight within one year of the cancellation date
  4. The cost of the new reservation may or may not be the same as the original reservation

Cancelling MORE Than 14 Days Prior to Departure


  1. There is a $75 cancellation fee
  2.  A flight voucher for the balance will be issued
  3. The voucher can be applied to a new reservation for a flight within one year of the cancellation date
  4. The cost of the new reservation may or may not be the same as the original reservation

If A Flight is Cancelled by Us Due to Weather Or Any Other Reason.

Your pet will be re-booked on the next available flight.

If your pet cannot travel on the next available flight, you may request a refund or a flight voucher for a future flight.

If Your Pet Is Too Large for the Pet Carrier Size Chosen  

We recognize that there are substantial savings if you book a pet carrier size smaller than what we recommend. The sizes we recommend are based upon the guidance that the Animal Welfare Act provides all airlines and our experience with pets of all sizes and shapes. We have sized our carriers based upon the size of your pet as you have stated to best provide the comfort that your pet requires during their travel.

There is some wiggle room, but at some point your pet will be uncomfortable for the flight if the carrier is too small. If a pet is clearly too large for the carrier chosen, we cannot transport your pet in that size carrier. The USDA will not allow it, and Pet Airways will not allow it. We are committed to the safety and comfort of our pawsengers. That comes first.


If Your Pet Is Too Large For the Carrier You Have Chosen And No Larger Carrier Size Is Available

  1. You may Re-Book for another flight date
    1. There will be a 50% of Ticket Price Re-Book Fee
    2. The Re-Book Ticket price may be different from your original ticket price
  2. If you do not want to, or cannot Re-Book, your ticket will be forfeited and no refund or voucher will be available.

If Your Pet Is Too Large for The Carrier You Have Chosen But a Larger Carrier Is Available

  1. You may upgrade the pet carrier to the next carrier size available
  2. The Cost of the Upgrade is 50% of the difference between the 2 carrier sizes

If You Make A Mistake While Booking

  1. Call us as soon as you can
  2. If you call us 15 days or more prior to the flight, there is a $75 re-booking fee
  3. If you call us 14 days or less, there is a 50% re-booking fee
  4. If you call us within 48 hours of your booking, there is no fee

(The ticket price of a new reservation may or may not be the same)

Health Policy

Pet Not Healthy to Fly

If Veterinarian Determines That The Pet Is Not Healthy To Fly (within 2 weeks of flight)

The USDA requires that a pet be certified healthy and free of all communicable diseases 14 days prior to flight. This creates a dilemma if a ticket is booked more than 14 days in advance. The assumption is that most pets will be found healthy enough to fly and the health certificate is no issue. However, contrary to the human airlines that overbook all their flights to achieve a full flight, Pet Airways does not overbook. We assign each pet its own seat at the time the reservation is made, and hold that seat for that pet, assuming that the pet is healthy. Once that seat has been purchased, we do not have a backup pet in case the first pet cannot make the flight. But things happen. Pets get ill. So to be fair to our pet parents and to be fair to Pet Airways, we have established the following policy:

  1. There is 50% unhealthy-to-fly cancellation fee
  2. A flight voucher for the balance will be issued
  3. Documentation must be provided by Veterinarian
  4. The voucher can be applied to a new reservation for a flight within one year of the cancellation date
  5. The cost of the new reservation may or may not be the same as the original reservation

If Your Pet Passes Away Before The Flight

  1. There is no cancellation fee
  2. Proof is required. (Death Certificate from a Vet.)
  3. A Refund will be issued by check within 30 days

Pet Not Healthy to Fly

If At Check-In Time, the  Pet Lounge Staff Determines That Your Pet is Not Healthy to Fly

Even if a Vet has given your pet an OK to fly, but at the time of Check-In, the Pet Attendant at the lounge, in consultation with a Lounge Supervisor, determines that the pet is not healthy enough to fly, the pet will not be flown.

  1. There is 50% unhealthy-to-fly cancellation fee
  2. A flight voucher for the balance will be issued
  3. The voucher can be applied to a new reservation for a flight within one year of the cancellation date
  4. The cost of the new reservation may or may not be the same as the original reservation
  If Your Pet is Accepted For Flight But Subsequently is Determined To Be Not Healthy to Fly

If after accepting your pet from the pet parent, your pet is then seen to be in distress or not healthy enough to fly by the Pet Attendant and is in consultation with the Lounge Supervisor, the pet will not be flown.

  1. There is 50% unhealthy-to-fly cancelation fee
  2. A flight voucher for the balance will be issued
  3. The voucher can be applied to a new reservation for a flight within one year of the cancellation date
  4. The cost of the new reservation may or may not be the same as the original reservation
Voucher Policy

Credit Vouchers

Credit Vouchers may or may not be transferable depending on the circumstance of their issuance
Miscellaneous Policies

If Pet Airways Makes An Error

A Refund check will be issued and mailed to the address we have for you within 30 days
  Refund Policy All Refunds are made by company check. This process generally takes about 30 days.


What happens if the flight is delayed?

No matter the length of the delay, you can be assured we will never leave your pet unattended. Depending on the length of the delay, we will either keep pets comfortable on the plane, or in the lounge, providing potty breaks as necessary.

What happens if I'm late for my pick-up?

No problem. Your pet's safety and comfort is always assured.

If our Pet Lounge is closing and your pet is still on-site, and we haven't been able to contact you, we will make sure that your pet is accommodated at the Pet Airways Affiliated Pet Resort. You will be responsible for any boarding fees.


What are the arrangements for food if my pet requires boarding?

We try to provide each of our Pet Airways Affiliated Pet Resort guests with food requested by the pet parent. If no specific food has been requested, our guests receive the "brand-du-jour."

However, if your pet does require a special diet, we encourage you to include food for the trip. Pre-measure each meal in a separate bag labeled with your pet's name to ensure your pet receives the same amount of food he or she receives at home.

Our pledge to you

The safety and comfort of your pet is our #1 priority!!

Everyone on the Pet Airways Team will do whatever we can to ensure all our Pawsengers are safe and comfortable.

Do you sell customer data to other companies?

Pet Airways does not sell any customer information or share your email address with third parties except in compliance with our Privacy Policy.


How do you keep my information secure?

When you buy a Pet Airways ticket over the World Wide Web your web browser connects with the web site through SSL ("Secure Sockets Layer"). SSL is an industry-standard way to send personal information over the Internet. SSL ensures you are actually sending data to Pet Airways and not someone who claims to be Pet Airways. We also protect your Frequent Flyer transactions when you enroll, view miles, etc. It's fast, safe, and it ensures that your personal information will not be read by anyone else. Look for one or more of these indicators on your browser to ensure you have a secure connection: - A security alert window tells you that you are about to use a secure connection. Some browsers let you choose whether to display this window.

What do I do if I'm not receiving emails?

First make sure we have your correct email address on record. Log onto -- My PAWS -- and check your email address in -- My Information -- If it is not correct, click on -- Edit Information -- and enter your correct email address. If your email address is correct, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may be using filters to prevent unwanted emails from reaching your inbox. Sometimes, these filters also block messages you want to receive. In most cases, adding us to your list of trusted senders will solve this issue. In AOL, select "Add Address" in Yahoo! Mail, Outlook or Outlook Express select "Add to Address Book", or Hotmail or MSN, select "Save Address(es)". Also, if you use a "spam" filter, check your preferences to make sure you have not inadvertently flagged emails from the "@petairways.com" domain as "spam." At last resort, if you continue to have problems, please contact your ISP's technical support department and ask how to "whitelist" emails from petairways.com.

Can I change my ticket or get a refund if my plans change due to a military activation?

Military personnel and their immediate family are eligible to make changes without fees or to receive full refunds if a copy of the military orders is submitted with the request.

Requests for changes or a refund due to military activation must be made in writing to:

Pet Airways Customer Service

455 N.E. 5th Ave., #C264

Delray Beach FL 33483


How often should I expect email communication from Pet Airways?

We send out two kinds of emails: those related to your specific reservation, and other emails with useful information and offers for you and your pet. Regarding your specific reservation, you will receive a confirmation email with your reservation details, and separate reminder emails before travel for health certificates, lodge reservations, or other services. We also send out automated emails with information about flight delays or changes. Pet Airways sends out, from time to time, emails with other special offers for you and your pet. You may unsubscribe from these emails at any time.

Can I credit unused tickets towards future travel?

Please note, all tickets are non-refundable. Our Pawsenger spots come in many different sizes, depending on the size of the Pawsenger. Carrier spots are specifically assigned based on the carrier size you chose during the reservation process. As a result, if you need to change or cancel your pet’s flight(s) more than 14 days before departure, the value of your ticket, less a $75 change fee, may be applied to a different flight, so long as that flight is within one year of the original date. The price of the new ticket may be different depending on when you rebook. If you need to change or cancel your pet’s flight(s) less than 14 days before departure, your fare will not be refunded, and no credit is given towards a different or future flight.