Christine Gowen Web Managing Editor for VPI Pet Insurance's online pet "magazine."

Name: Christine Gowen

What do you do? I'm the Web Managing Editor for VPI Pet Insurance's online pet "magazine." I write and edit articles about daily life with pets, including health, safety, travel, exercise and random subjects such as finding the best pet bed or pooper scooper.

What's the best part of your job? Discovering new information about pets and being able to share that with and educate our readers. It's also pretty cool to be able to bring my dogs to work with me every now and then. The offices at VPI are very pet friendly!

Tell us about your pets: I have two Labrador retrievers, Shelby and Sable.

Do they have nicknames? Yes: Pookey Bear and Noodle.

Where do you live? Newport Beach, Calif.

What do your pets love to do most in your hometown? Shelby and Sable absolutely love going to their favorite dog beach and swimming after their ball in the shallow current where the Santa Ana River meets the ocean.

What is your favorite way to spend a weekend with your pets? An afternoon at the beach, a visit with their "cousin" Katy—my sister's Lab-Dane mix, and some couch time snuggling.

What's your favorite place to vacation with your pet? Taking a road trip to camp in Mammoth Mountains; the girls get such a thrill being outside on the trails, guarding our tent and running after deer who interrupt them during meal time!

What are your must-pack pet essentials for a day trip or weekend away? Handi-Drink Dog Water Bottle, extra tennis balls and Frisbees, and sleep blankies.

What's the best thing about having pets? Their companionship and unconditional love. The joy they express every time I come home and walk through the front door—that's some serious TLC!

If your pets were movie stasr, who would they be and why? Shelby, our yellow Lab, is a strong-willed, alpha dog—our Joan Crawford type; she's wicked smart but quite the diva. Sable is our flirty, sweet tomboy who gets along with everyone: more like Sandra Bullock.